Saturday, April 18, 2009

Water Conservation California Style

(Dear Mom, Please don’t read this post.)

It’s Saturday morning. We just got done cleaning in the apartment and Carolyn is back from a run. And we just got done saving precious California water by taking a shower together.

This is something we’ve enjoyed doing together ever since we’ve known one another. Quite frankly, there is very little that is erotic or sexual about taking a shower with your spouse (wink, wink). Rather there’s a tremendous sense of togetherness and intimacy which is even better along with the water conservation. Plus, there’s the added bonus of someone else using the scrubby on your back—man, it’s better than grinding your back against a door jamb.

I’m not sure how much water we save by showering together. My solo showers typically last maybe 2 minutes and I’m not sure how long Carolyn’s solo showers last. But occasionally I enjoy taking a little longer solo shower—a guy shower. A solo guy shower typically includes something I remember from my dad when he would be in the shower—nose blowing and sounding like an angry elephant trumpeting towards the “Great White Hunter”. Now if you do this you have to be a bit careful and make sure that any “detritus” that comes out of your nose is washed away by the shower and doesn’t stick into a semi-permanent nugget on the wall of the shower (that’s a sure way to get “busted” and get in trouble and have to take over all shower stall cleaning duties for the indefinite future).

Additionally, the solo guy shower features a more languid approach to cleaning up “down there”. Taking one’s time. Carefully cleansing “fore and aft” and luxuriating in the soap and water.

Finally, one thing you can (obviously) never, ever do unless it’s a total solo shower is—hmmmmm, how to delicately put this—take a wizz while the water cascading out of the showerhead rinses it down the drain.

So, to shower together or not? If I had to choose one rather than the other it would have to be showering together. I would imagine that Gov. Schwarzenegger would approve of the water conservation—along with the Metropolitan Water Authority. But, a couple of times a week it’s a nice treat to have a “solo guy shower”. Sorry water advocates, but you just can’t always be water-patriotic.

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