Friday, May 14, 2010

Little Girls Bumping and Grinding--That's Just Wrong!

I'm still kind of spitting and spluttering over a story on this morning's Good Morning America show on ABC. The story featured Robin Roberts showing a "viral" video of 5 young girls (7-8 years old) competing at the recent World of Dance in Pamona, CA .

These girls were performing a choreographed dance "routine" to Beyonce's "Going Hard on Single Ladies". And it was pretty explicit. Now, their parents told Robin Roberts that their outfits were designed for movement and were nothing more than dance outfits with "ruffles and details". And the parents defended the routine as showing off "technical dance moves". Quite frankly, I was aghast at both the performance and the smug rationale of the parents.

Call me an old fart, but there's a lot of places where if high school dance teams wore outfits like this and performed a "routine" like this at halftime of a basketball game, they would be disbanded and probably suspended for being way too suggestive. And that would be girls twice the age of these elementary school youngsters.

I must confess to having seen dance moves like this before. But the dancers had $1 and $5 bills sprouting out of their tops and they also did some interesting things on a pole sticking out of the floor.

I just don't really know. In "Little Miss Sunshine" the routine was "stripperish" but it was done by a chubby girl and not very well. It also was a bit of a spoof on and negative commentary of "pagaents" for young girls.

Here's 2 videos. One of the girls dancing and the other of an interview on "Inside Edition" with parents. What do you think? The inner grandpa in me says "Hell No!" I'm just curious what your reaction is. (And I seriously wonder whether Beyonce Knowles would approve of little girls performing like this to her music).

And here's what a coach and a parent had to say on Inside Edition:

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