Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Obama sez: "I've got to find out whose ass to kick!"

Well, it's about damn time. I've been waiting a year and a half for President Obama to start sounding at least a little bit like he's "got a pair".

I have hoped against hope that he would start leading more like Truman and less like Jimmy Carter.

Truman chewing MacArthur's ass.

All this "audacity of hope" stuff is fantastic. The reality has been a kick in the pants. Every once in a while you've just got to "lead, follow or get out of the way." And maybe, the aftermath of the BP Gulf of Mexico debacle is going to be catalyst. There are times to accomodate and compromise and there are times to get blunt. This is a time to get blunt. Pres. Obama likes to play a bit of basketball. Well, Pres. Obama, now is the time for you to just "take it to the hoop". You might miss, you might score, you might charge. But, take it to the hoop.

Why am I writing this? Because of a comment he made yesterday to Matt Lauer in an interview. He said that he's gone to Louisiana and the Gulf partly because he needs to know "whose ass to kick". I love it. Here's a snippet from the interview: (If the right interview isn't playing, click the "playlist" and then the icon in the upper left corner).

That kind of reminds me of this little video that I shared a few months back:

President Obama, there's a time for hope and accomodation and there's a time to "kick some ass". Now's the time to start kicking.

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  1. Far from flailing in his response to the environmental disaster, Obama has been way ahead of the curve all along. As early as a month ago, he assures us, he was facing the elements down in the Gulf, gaining first-hand intelligence from local fishermen on “whose a** to kick.”

    The nation should rejoice in being led by such a diligent a**-kicker in chief in this time of crisis.