Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finally on American Idol...A Guy Who "Sounds off Likes He's Got..."


Finally there’s a guy singing on American Idol who can…
Sound Off Like You Got A Pair!!
I’ve been hoping this would happen for years.

I’m not looking for Barry White. He wasn’t really a singer anyway. More like a romantic rapper. A cross between Snoop Dog and Rod McKuen. But a voice from deep down in the well.

I always thought it would be a guy with “tats” and a “goat”. But instead we got baby-faced Scottie McCreery. This kid’s only 16. He’s giving up his high school baseball season to be on American Idol.

And he sings bass. Cool.

He sings country. What? You can’t sing bass and sing “pop” songs anymore? Last night he tried to sing MoTown. Country style. It kind of worked.

Do you think this young guy has practiced in front of a mirror—mugging to get that note out of the side of his mouth with his “impish” expression? Kind of reminiscent of McCauley Culkin slapping aftershave on in “Home Alone”.

But this guy’s fun. He can sing a low note. Recently, Randy Jackson said, “Dude, that’s a young lady killer note.” Yep, a well sung low note can do more “lady killing” than screeching out a high note in falsetto. That’s what I call “sounding off like you got a pair.” And from a musical perspective, it’s harder to do. It actually takes more practice, better control of the diaphragm and more control to sing low than high. Ask any alto because it’s the same with female voices.

What I’m hoping he’ll do is channel his inner Tennessee Ernie Ford as he keeps going with his country style. Remember him? He was big in the 50’s and 60’s in country music.

But, this young man is going to need more than that if he’s going to be the next “American Idol” (and quite frankly I don’t see that happening). So maybe he’ll check out some of the best low voices over the years. Unfortunately there haven’t been too many in the last 20 or so years. How about my favorite and my favorite song of his? Lou Rawls. “Lady Love”. Now that’s singing some soul—low and romantic.

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