Friday, August 14, 2009

Health Care Conspiracy Solved--It's Soylent Green!

(I’m not sure why I feel compelled to insert a warning here but the following is a result of the overactive imagination of the writer and too much time spent on Google—please place tongue firmly in cheek, suspend belief and hopefully be amused).

Yesterday, curious about the controversy surrounding Pres. Obama’s Healthcare proposal (which has been dubbed “ObamaCare” a term more convenient to use) I decided to do some research. One of the primary objections revolves around Section 1233 of HR3200 “Advance Care Planning Consultation”.

I read some of the comments and concerns that have been expressed about Sec 1233 including how this section authorizes “Death Panels” and euthanasia. And I downloaded the entire 1000+ pages of HR3200 to find and read Sec1233 where it is buried on pages 424-434.

Then I did a little further research online. (You know, it’s amazing what you can Google and all the incredible information you can unearth—think Roswell and Area 51). And today I must admit to you that I am appalled.

The first thing I’m appalled at is how investigative reporters like Beck and Hannity and Limbaugh; even Maddow and the most trusted news reporter in America, Jon Stewart have failed to uncover that which is waiting right in front of them to be discovered and disseminated to all of America. This is a conspiracy of incredible proportions.

We can’t just view ObamaCare on the surface or singularly. It goes far deeper. It permeates government and economic and environmental policy in America. The insidious danger of Sec1233 is what Dr. Robert Langdon in “The DaVinci Code” termed the “keystone”—that upon which all the other elements of the conspiracy depend and that which “unlocks” the despicable nature of the conspiracy.

The first element is that everything associated with this diabolical, comprehensive initiative is about people. A wonderful concept. It’s all about PEOPLE!

It starts with the emphasis that has been put the last 2 or 3 years on the environment. The most popular buzzword in business and government has become “green”. Everything has to be green. Obama’s primary goal for “Cash for Clunkers” is so that inefficient vehicles will be replaced by those that are more “green”. Alternative fuel vehicles are “greener”. Wind and solar energy are “green”. It’s all about GREEN!

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. This did not originate with Pres. Obama. In fact, he may even be an unwitting dupe of a plot which even more thoroughly permeates the fabric of our nation and society than any of us realize. Remember, it all comes down to GREEN. Consider the evidence which goes all the way back to the early 1960s.

Consider this (and bear in mind that ads for this “green” product were on TV in the late 1950s)

In the early 1970s the first ecology movements were underway in the U.S. This went so far as to engage children’s television characters in the propaganda by cleverly incorporating “green messages” into programming such as this one:

And now we come to 1973. Interesting, the year I graduated from college. There was a blockbuster movie which was shocking in its surprise ending and message. It starred Charlton Heston and featured Edward G. Robinson in his final role (a telling finale to a grand career). “Soylent Green”. A frightening premise. And yet, the words “Soylent Green” have endured in our vocabulary gaining meaning and acceptance—eventually co-mingling with other environmental uses for the term “green” so that both have come to be accepted as part of the language and as viable concepts.

Considering these irrefutable facts (Hey! You might think that they’re “refutable” but I guarantee you that if Sarah Palin came up with this stuff that she’d consider them “irrefutable facts”!) The conspiracy has slowly gained a “sub rosa” momentum until all of the elements have come into place in 2009—economic crisis, pollution, diminishing and ever more expensive oil and a health care crisis.

Corporations have bought into this.

And now, inexorably everything has come together. We have new food sources:

Management plans and priorities are being put into place for the future:

And finally, the healthcare element poised in the halls of the United States Congress, proposed by a radical new administration in the White House which will bring everything to fruition.

As the plan gains momentum a bandwagon effect is anticipated.

And ultimately we’ll be addicted to the nutritional properties of this wonder product. A product which is the result of patient, long-term planning and waiting for the “perfect storm” politically, economically, environmentally and socially so that it may be successfully implemented.

There you have it. This is a sordid tale but it is one that needs to be told. I hope that you are now as convinced as I am.

Finally, I have read Section 1233 of HR3200. It deals with consulting people on Advance Care (living wills). It spells out that which needs to be discussed with a patient so that their wishes can be clearly articulated and put into a legal format. It’s something that is commonly done and is a beneficial thing for patients, their families and medical professionals. I did one nearly 4 years ago prior to hernia surgery. It was discussed with me by a practitioner in a preliminary appointment prior to the surgery, I stipulated my desires in a “worst case scenario”, signed it, had it notarized and provided a copy on the date of the surgery. It’s another form of “due diligence” as far as I am concerned and there is nothing insidious, nefarious or evil whatsoever contained in the provisions of Sec1233 no matter what many who have succumbed to some of the most ridiculous of propaganda (especially from the former Gov. of Alaska) on this may think.

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