Monday, September 14, 2009

J.D. and Turk "Rock the Vote" for Healthcare Reform

While channel surfing Saturday, I saw a quick “blip” on MTV that caught my attention. I backed my surfing thumb up to see what it was (nope it wasn’t big bootied, cleavage flashing hip-hop dancers strutting their stuff to the newest rap).

Zach Braff and Donald Faison (J.D. and Turk from “Scrubs”) were doing a stand-up in a hospital room and I didn’t know if it was a promo or a new episode because they didn’t look quite like their normal characters from “Scrubs”. The few seconds I saw was a plug for healthcare reform. Wow!

This “PSA” type ad is from “Rock the Vote”. Now, it’s just a bit too “edgy” for my taste but it’s in a style and vernacular which will, hopefully, reach out to the generation that watches MTV—they’re especially targeting 18-29 year olds with the message. Here’s the spot:

We need a lot more messages like this—maybe some even targeted at my generation. (What would happen if Rock the Vote did one of these with Wilford Brimley, spokesperson for Liberty Medical who used to do commercials for healthy cereals and who got famous for the line “because it’s the right thing to do”). Or how about an ESPN Rock the Vote spot featuring Tony Gwynn and Joe Montana? Maybe even a Rock the Vote Spot on Lifetime with Jamie Lee Curtis and C.C.H. Pounder?

This is a strong message. Spread it around! Here’s the URL for it too:

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