Friday, September 4, 2009

These Gun-Toting Folks Have to be Looney

Recently there seems to be a movement afoot to encourage people to “exercise their 2nd Amendment rights” and carry unloaded firearms in public. And, there were some pictures in our local paper yesterday of some folks doing just that.

North County Times photo
A columnist for the San Diego Union Tribune this morning called their reasoning just a bit suspect. Basically, who would want to carry an unloaded gun in public? Columnist Logan Jenkins wrote, “If the thrust of the Second Amendment is to bless the public bearing of arms for purposes of self-defense, then what’s the point of carrying unloaded guns?” Think about it. People (whether they’re regular “citizens” or bad guys) are going to assume that they’re loaded.

What can you do with an unloaded gun? Look like Magnum P.I. but without bullets? Hammer a nail?

They know they’re going to get stopped by cops who are going to check and make sure that the guns are unloaded. Just like if I drove down the street drinking from a pint Jim Beam bottle filled with ice tea. Why would I do that? To get attention? To get stopped by the cops? It doesn’t make sense.

North County Times photo

It’s kind of like a woman who wears a low cut top showing lots of cleavage and then gets offended when you look at the advertised “merchandise”. Come on, who’s kidding who?

So these gun-toters, ostensibly to make a point, are using their guns as the “newest bling”. I think I’d give them a wide berth and have someone make sure that they’re taking their meds.

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