Monday, October 5, 2009

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

There’s a reason why the Fairy Godmother told Cinderella to be back by midnight. Remember? She was late. The coach turned back into a pumpkin, the footmen back into mice and Cinderella from a gorgeous princess back into a waifish stepdaughter.
What’s the reason? It’s simple. Nothing good happens after midnight.

Five 17 year olds partied on Saturday night here in the San Diego area. They were good kids. They were affluent kids. They were drunk. They were driving too fast. Now one is dead. One is in critical condition with blunt head trauma. Two had minor injuries and one is in jail. He’s charged with felony driving under the influence and gross vehicular manslaughter. Five young lives that will never be the same.

The accident happened at 1:45 in the morning. Nothing good happens after midnight. Especially to kids. Especially to parents.

What went wrong? The classic “perfect storm” for immature drivers (hell, for any driver). Too much speed. Alcohol. And five 17year-olds partying; distracted, showing-off. Only 2 were wearing seat belts. The 1 year-old car was full of air-bags but they won’t protect properly if the people in the car aren’t buckled up.
What’s the lesson here? Well, for one, parents try to do their best and are absolutely aghast, horrified and devastated when a tragedy such as this happens—especially to them.

There were too many kids in the car. Five 17-year olds, drinking, yields just too much testosterone for safety.

They thought, as do all teens, that they are immortal. They’re not. Sheet metal can’t win when there’s too much speed and immoveable objects in the way. And once the sheet metal goes, the living tissue inside is going to get hurt.

Alcohol was involved with kids 4 years too young to legally drink and never old enough to drive drunk.

Speed. Speed plus booze plus distracted equals only one thing. Disaster.

Odds are they could do the same thing 100 times and make it home OK. But, that one time when they don’t results in catastrophe.

Parents, teach your children. Monitor them. Have inviolable rules in place. Enforce them. Even when it makes them and you uncomfortable. That’s the way to love them.

Because nothing good happens after midnight.

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