Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cheap Bastid's What to do on a Rainy Day Off in California

Well, today was my day off. And, it’s been raining all week. The hardest and most rain was today. That’s winter in Southern California. Truth be told, as a transplanted Midwesterner, I’ve been rather enjoying it.

And today’s the only day off I have until next Friday. I’ll spend the next 7 days straight trying to sell cars, develop business and earn a pay check. But that’s OK, it’s a schedule you can get used to (just like any other old hound dog laying under the porch). So, what to do today when it’s rainin? Well, the tryst with my bride this afternoon was fantastic.

Most of the day though, I was the Cheap Bastid. I’ve been cooking. Right now the apartment smells fantastic because I’ve got a whole chicken roasting in the oven (77 cents a pound at Stater’s) and I’m cooking down the giblets into a broth to use in the gravy for the mashed potatoes that are waiting to be cooked on the stove.

Cheap Bastid also went grocery shopping today. And, I made a big casserole dish of Baked Ziti that Carolyn will pop into the oven tomorrow evening for dinner when I get home at 9. And I baked an apple crisp for dessert tonight.

Hmmmm, a pretty busy day. I loved it. It’s supposed to stop raining sometime tomorrow. The hummingbirds won’t look so bedraggled stopping by the feeder. Hopefully they’ll be hungry after several days of hunkering down. The TV news will have to find some topic for their hyperbole other than eucalyptus trees falling down, flooded streets, rocks, mud and how bad the Chargers suck.

And we’re going to enjoy some pretty good eating! That always makes Cheap Bastid happy.

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