Thursday, January 7, 2010

How Does Lint Get Thru 2 Shirts to My Navel? And Other Stuff

A quick post today because it's my day off and Cheap Bastid is summoning me to the kitchen.

This is my day off. Tomorrow and Saturday I'll work what are called "bells" which is a 12 hour day and then on Sunday only from 10 to 6 (that's the Sunday "bell"). My next day off will be next Friday when I have a 3 day weekend. That's the kind of schedule you have when you sell cars. So, my opportunity for cooking is a bit limited as is my opportunity to eat some good food. You don't feel like cooking or eating when you get off at 8:30 and home at 9.

So, I just got done making a batch of meatballs. Sunday night we're going to do meatball and marinara sandwiches with melted cheese on French bread.

Tonight, Cheap Bastid is cooking his all time favorite "comfort food" dinner which I hope to duly photograph and write up as a Cheap Bastid Foodie Tuesday post. The dish--drum roll please.........Swiss Steak with mashed potatoes. My mom made this when I was a kid and I've used a variation of her recipe that I cobbled together 30 years ago ever since. I only make it once or twice a year and it's kind of hard to be in the mood for cold weather comfort food in SoCal.

But, it's colder than the dickens over a large part of the country and maybe this dish that I'll post Tuesday morning will find its way on someone's table and fill you up and warm you up from the inside out.

But before I go, I've got a rhetorical (I think) question (or maybe it's quasi scientific) that maybe someone can answer. So here goes:

How is it that when I wear two shirts--one a grey t-shirt and the other either another color t-shirt or a sweatshirt--I end up with belly-button lint from both shirts? How can the outer shirt's lint travel all the way through the other shirt and find a nest in my navel?

Earth-shattering isn't it? And maybe it's even a bit philosophical. But like National Enquirer used to say "Inquiring minds want to know."

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