Thursday, August 26, 2010


For a long time I’ve thought that it was somewhat futile for me to make any big deal out of haircuts. I started just getting my head peeled with a #2 clipper at least 10 years ago. It’s just easy that way. It was 15 years ago that I let a stylist clip me in what she called a “Bruce Willis” and sell me some of what is now called “product”. Naw, that ain’t me.

So, I went and got peeled this morning. I’m at that age now where I’ve got more issues with hair growing out of my ears than on my head. And looking in the mirror last night I noticed that virtually without any warning that there were several maverick eyebrow hairs that had sprouted and were hanging over the lenses of my glasses. Where the hell do those come from?

Ear hair is fun though. Many is the time when I’ve been driving on a several hour roadtrip and I’ve had a contest. From which ear can I pluck the most follicles in one tug? Sometimes the left ear wins and sometimes the right ear wins. I tried it with my nostrils but that’s not a good idea at 75 miles an hour. For one thing popping clusters of nose hairs makes you really tear up. For another, it makes you sneeze. Not a good idea in SoCal freeway traffic. Yeah, business roadtrips can get that boring.

But it’s hot right now and it’s been about 5 weeks since I got a hair cut. It’s amazing how much cooler your head is when you’ve just gotten it peeled and you don’t have that fur around the sides and back warming you up. I mention the sides and back because I don’t have enough on top to qualify for anything except a worn out toothbrush.

Now, I have to go trim my beard so it matches—wonder what it’d look like if I just went down to a “goat”?

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