Monday, August 9, 2010

A Tale of 3 Al's

OK, so this morning Carolyn goes down to the mailbox and brings up several days of mail. One reason was to intercept her daughter Meg’s newest copy of “Entertainment Weekly” so she can read it first.

I just happened to glance down at the kitchen counter and saw the new “Newsweek” which was in the mail too. I was looking at it upside down and saw the cover with the headline “The Reinvention of the Reverend Al”.

Now, being an older 1960’s kind of guy, my mind took me to the Rev. Al. That’s right, the Rev. Al Green, a famous R&B & soul singer from the 70’s. But no, it’s a different Rev. Al. It’s Reverend Al Sharpton. Awww geesh, Newsweek, I was hoping for something a bit more interesting.

So, I decided to check out Rev. Al Green on YouTube to get a video to share and here it is, hope you enjoy:

And then that led me to thinking about Al’s. Here was a video of a terrific piece of music from Al Green. But, my single, all time favorite music video deals with Al. “You Can Call Me Al”. To heck with “Thriller”. As far as I’m concerned Chevy Chase and Paul Simon doing “You Can Call Me Al” in their deadpan, laidback, spoof of overly choreographed music videos is the most entertaining ever made. Here it is:

So that’s the 3 Al’s—Al Sharpton, Al Green and just plain old Al. Hope these gave you a smile today.

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